Abby Pell

Abby Pell

Nutritionist, Fitness Coach & Pro Bikini Athlete.


I've always been a huge fan of natural remedies, being a nutritionist I'm passionate about using food and natural products as not only fuel but medicine. After my mother suffered with Cancer I did some quite extensive research on the medicinal qualities of cannabis. I was so surprised that given its benefits CBD oil is not more widely recommended. I myself was keen to start supplementing with CBD oil.

Having used CBD oil products for the last few months I can report the following benefits. Huge reduction in anxiety and feelings of work related stress, improved sleep quality and finding I can easily sleep a good 8 hours per night, I feel more focused and alert during the day, I feel my fitness recovery time has improved, my appetite is more stable and I feel less susceptible to cravings. I can also report an improvement to my skin, and my hair and nails seem to grow quicker.

There are certain laws that prevent companies like Love Hemp from sharing the benefits of its products, so please do your own research on the web, google benefits of CBD oil.

My 'Go to' CBD Product
My Dosage Recommendation

50-80mg Daily

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