Clare Barks Clare Barks

Clare Barks

Figure Athlete British Champion


My name is Clare Barks and I work as a Personal Trainer. I’ve always been an active person and have played many sports throughout the years, as well as running marathons and undertaking various other physical challenges, but my passion will always be in the weights room.

I’ve been competing since April 2013 as a Figure Athlete and amongst my achievements so far have held the title of British Figure Champion. I’m highly disciplined and extremely passionate about what I do. My training, diet and recovery are all a massive part of my lifestyle and along with creating a physique I want to present on stage, I am always looking to optimise my health as much as possible.

Since using Love Hemp CBD products, not only have I noticed an improvement in my recovery and sleep quality, but an ongoing tennis elbow issue I had for over 2 years has completely gone! I personally find 4 sprays of the 400mg CBD Spray (Peppermint is my favourite!) upon waking and 2 drops of the 20% CBD drops before bed effective for me. I also use the CBD balm as a moisturiser to soothe aching muscles. I have my daughters taking the CBD Gummy Bears too!

My 'Go to' CBD Product
My Dosage Recommendation

30mg-50mg Daily

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