James Hollingshead

James Hollingshead

IFBB Professional Bodybuilder


I've been using CBD oil this entire year. It's calming benefits allows for me to feel restful.

After a few cardio sessions a day and resistance training to top that off I need something to help relax me a little.

I find I get great mental serenity when using the drops especially.

I often apply the balm on aches. Typically muscles trained that particular day.

I would honestly suggest anyone who has a busy schedule and physical one to use something natural and Organic as opposed to some of the more medical stuff out there.

There is no drowsy effects just pure mind clarity and body reset.

As an IFBB Professional bodybuilder it's important to look after both my body and my mind.

CBD really helps both. Thankful I was introduced to it.

My 'Go to' CBD Product
My Dosage Recommendation

40-80mg Daily

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