Tim Chase

Tim Chase

Pro Fitness Model, Online Coach, Gym Manager


I have competed in 19 physique competitions over 8 different federations, earning my pro status with the WBFF, UKUP, Pure Elite & Miami Pro, as well as placing 2nd in the 2 Bros Pro Event. I have judged numerous fitness competitions and worked with over 100 athletes perfecting their posing routines for the stage. Aside from competing I manage Go-Gym in Surrey and run my online fitness and nutrition coaching business Chase Perfection.

With such a hectic work and training schedule I am often under a lot of stress both physically and mentally. I have found using CBD oil has helped me relax, reduce my anxiety and assisted with my quality of sleep. This has not only had a benefit on my quality of training, but also on my work productivity.

I currently train on average 5 times a week and taking CBD oil helps me to recover between sessions, allowing me to train with a good intensity each session.

My 'Go to' CBD Product
My Dosage Recommendation

50- 100mg Daily

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