Wesley Grant

Wesley Grant

Pure Elite World Champion Muscle model


My name is Wesley Grant age 36.

Originally Born in South Africa, I now live in the UK with my wife and two children.

I am a Former Royal Marine and served for 42commando (7 years) including two operational tours of Afghanistan.

I am the current Pure Elite World Champion Muscle model and UK Pure Elite Overall World Champion bodybuilder.

My favourite product has to be the 800mg 8% CBD oil drops or the orange cbd oil spray. Both are simple and easy to use.

I find the 8% drops have helped me sleep better, I have felt calmer and have noticed better muscle recovery after my intense daily gym workouts.

I love the efficiency, the company ethos and the professionalism of the brand from the products and packaging to the super quick delivery.

My 'Go to' CBD Product
My Dosage Recommendation

40-80mg Daily

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