5 Tips to Help you Recharge this bank Holiday Weekend

We’re still living in unprecedented times and many of us may be feeling a little exhausted and stressed out.

What can you do this bank holiday?

A bank holiday weekend is the perfect opportunity to recharge your batteries and reset, for a happier and more productive future. We share some of our top tips to help you recharge over the three-day weekend.

Catch up on sleep 

A good night’s sleep is so important for both physical and mental health, but when you have a busy or preoccupied mind, it can be difficult to get the correct amount.

Make the most of the three-day weekend and catch up on some zzz’s.

Try setting a morning alarm across the 3 days to help you get into a healthy sleep routine.

Put your phone down 

More often than not, we’re glued to our mobile phones. Whether it’s a text message, WhatsApp, incoming call or an email popping up, we’re constantly being notified through technology, which can make it hard to switch off.

Try setting yourself a few hours over the weekend, where you switch off both physically and mentally.

Nurture your hobbies

As we get older and life gets busier, our hobbies can fall to the bottom of the list, but it’s important to still make time to do the things that you enjoy.

Whether it’s reading a book, baking a cake, heading out for a run or just watching a film, make sure to really immerse yourself in something that makes you happy.

Bond with family and friends

How often do we get to bond with family and friends completely distraction-free? It can be difficult to find the time amongst a busy work and home life.

Try allocating the extra day of the weekend to do something fun as a family or friendship group, and enjoy that extra time off!


If you’re looking for something a little extra to help you recharge this bank holiday, why not head out on a little staycation.

It doesn’t have to be far to travel or an expensive trip.

You can pick somewhere relatively local to you and enjoy a well-deserved break in the UK.

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