Can CBD Support a Healthy Lifestyle?

Regular use of cannabidiol (CBD) as a food supplement may support and maintain your health, just as taking vitamin or mineral supplements.

In fact, you could say that CBD is a vitamin for the endocannabinoid system (ECS). But this of course has never been proved, it is just our opinion.

However, CBD can help to replenish and supplement the cannabinoids which our bodies produce internally.

But does CBD really work within our body systems once we take it? And how do I know I'm buying decent CBD?

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Will a product like this work on supporting my health?

Understanding of the endocannabinoid system (ECS) is still not widespread amongst doctors and health professionals.

Discovered in 1988 by the Israeli scientist Raphael Mecholaum, it is still only taught in 15% of US medical schools and there doesn’t seem to be any medical school in the UK that even mentions the ECS in its syllabus.

Leading scientists and doctors across the world now say that the ECS is one of our most important physiological systems.

Dr David Allen, renowned cardiac surgeon and cardiologist, describes it as “the most important discovery in medicine since sterile surgery technique”. Nevertheless, the reality is that your doctor probably hasn’t even heard about it.

When the UK medicines regulator, the MHRA, announced that it would require CBD sold as a medicine to be subject to its authorisation, it advised people to consult their GP if they were concerned.

That’s not going to help much if the doctor has less idea about CBD than the person asking the questions.

The ECS is important because it helps to maintain the stability of all our bodily functions. Providing your ECS is working properly, it will regulate everything to bring your body into healthy balance. A trial in Israel on older people showed how those taking CBD as a supplement gradually moved towards their ideal body weight whether they had been under or overweight at the start.

Of course, just as important as any supplement is eating a balanced diet, taking regular exercise and getting good quality rest.

Over indulgence in junk food or alcohol, overwork, stress, anxiety can all knock your ECS out of shape so topping up with a CBD supplement on a daily basis is a good supportive pillar for your ECS.

As we get older, all our bodily functions become less efficient.

This is what aging means. Our skin becomes less elastic so we develop wrinkles and sagging, our bones become less dense, more brittle and our joints become worn.  Our digestive system doesn’t work as well and we lose strength in our muscles.

All these effects of aging can be countered by staying as healthy and balanced as possible.

CBD supplements can be taken as capsules, oil drops, as an ingredient in cooking or you can use in an e-cig or vape pen.

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