How to use CBD Crystals: All you need to know

No less than 98%+ in purity, CBD crystals are the highest-grade CBD isolates available on the market today. They are a very pure and effective way of ensuring you get a potent dose of CBD, but many people don’t know how to use them once they have been purchased.

In this article, we will discuss how to use CBD crystals also known as CBD isolate by highlighting 4 effective ways to enjoy them.

What Are CBD Crystals?

Before we discuss how to use CBD crystals, let's take a few moments to explain exactly what they are and how this concentrated product is made.

CBD crystals are isolated and purified extractions of the cannabis compound, commonly known as concentrates. Normally, hemp and other cannabis-based extracts contain at least trace amounts of other plant molecules. This includes other cannabinoids related to CBD, including compounds called terpenes. Terpenes are responsible for the distinct aromas cannabis and hemp plants provide.

Broad-Spectrum vs. Full-Spectrum

Unlike other CBD extracts, CBD crystals are at least 98% pure, meaning that there are no other substances in the product other than CBD. This contrasts with broad-spectrum and full-spectrum CBD products:

  • Full-spectrum: such products contain the entire range of other compounds found in cannabis plants, including THC. However, CBD products in the UK must contain less than 0.2% THC.
  • Broad-spectrum: these products similarly contain additional cannabis plant compounds. However, the majority of these products will contain zero or trace amounts of THC. 

CBD products can be either of the two; for example, there are both broad-spectrum and full-spectrum CBD tinctures on the market. Whatever form of CBD you use, you will have access to the extensive health benefits provided by the compound. It is all about personal preference, and so it is up to you to find the right product!

How Are CBD Crystals Made?

After hemp oil is removed from the hemp plant, it can be further refined to isolate only CBD. To do so, extracted hemp oil is put through a “winterisation”’ process. This involves slowly heating the extracted hemp oil to remove fats and lipids. Then, a machine called a rotary evaporator is used to remove any remaining plant traces. After extracting CBD, there are additional processes needed to create CBD isolate products.

The final product is decarboxylated through another meticulous heating process to activate the cannabinoids, making chemicals bioavailable for consumers. Following this series of processes, we are left with pure CBD crystals with no other ingredients. Manufacturers may then opt to grind the CBD crystals down to make pure CBD powder.

Advantages and Disadvantages of CBD Crystals

There are many advantages to using CBD crystals compared to other CBD products. Here are a few:

  • Due to the manufacturing process, CBD crystals contain zero THC. This may be advantageous to people who wish to completely avoid any exposure to this psychoactive compound.
  • Because CBD isolate is more highly concentrated than other forms of CBD—up to 99.9% in some cases, it produces a more immediate effect than other methods of consuming it.
  • You only need a very small amount due to how highly concentrated the product is.
  • CBD crystals are versatile, they can be used in many ways.

On the downside, isolating only one cannabinoid removes a variety of terpenes from the final product. Terpenes are fragrant oils that give cannabis its aromatic diversity. Each terpene has its own therapeutic properties.

Terpenes also have a synergistic effect with the other compounds in cannabis. They work together to influence the effects of the other cannabinoids, in what is commonly called the “entourage effect”. Therefore, CBD products without terpenes present may be seen as less effective.

Love Hemp Terpene-infused CBD Isolate Crystals

As we have discussed, the only real downside to CBD crystals is that beneficial terpenes are removed during manufacturing. That's why Love Hemp has developed a high-quality oil infused with CBD crystals.

cbd oil crystals

These terpene-infused CBD Crystals take CBD isolate to a whole new league. It's not only CBD that boasts numerous health benefits, but terpenes are also full of their own optimising properties; you could refer to terpenes as the “unsung hero” of the cannabis plant!

We individually infuse our Love Hemp 99% CBD isolate with cannabis terpene profile molecules, creating an exceptional quality CBD extract, both flavoursome and aromatic. They are available in a number of varieties, each offering a unique experience.

How to Use CBD Crystals?

So, we have established that CBD crystals are a highly concentrated form of CBD. Let's now move on to how to use CBD isolate! 

CBD isolate crystals are very versatile,​ ​here are four effective ways to use them:

1. Mix CBD Crystals to Create an E-Liquid

Vaping is one of the most convenient ways to consume your CBD crystals. Discreet and portable, you can inhale them almost anywhere without anyone assuming it is anything other than a normal vape juice. Alternatively, infuse CBD crystals with a carrier oil to make your own CBD oil!
Mix up to 200mg of crystals per 10ml of liquid into your e-liquid – they blend well if you aim for a 70/30 PG to VG ratio. Next, heat the PG and VG to around 60 degrees Celsius, this can be done by holding the e-liquid bottle in a bath of warm water. Then add the required amount of CBD crystals and shake until they are completely dissolved. A quick and immediate way to enjoy your CBD crystals.

Vaping CBD is favoured by many as it offers a quick and efficient method of consuming CBD. During vaping, CBD enters your lungs and diffuses directly into your bloodstream.

Because it doesn’t have to make its way through the digestive system or liver, the CBD enters your circulation faster. This means you can achieve the same beneficial effects with a much smaller amount of CBD. Vaping is also relaxing due to the deep inhales and exhales.

2. CBD Crystals for “Dabbing”

The most popular way to use CBD crystals is to “dab” them. Dabbing is when you inhale a cloud of vapour made by melting the concentrate. It is safer than smoking, as you are technically just inhaling the melted vapour of high CBD concentration. If you want a quick way to use CBD crystals, you can dab them with an oil rig or wax vaporizer, as you would any other CBD concentrate. 

There are pros and cons to dabbing. Dabbing is a quick, convenient way to get a daily serving of CBD. Since CBD is directly absorbed into the bloodstream when you inhale CBD crystals as a vapour, you may find it easier to determine an appropriate serving size when you dab. Just adjust based on how you feel immediately afterwards.

Some cons of dabbing are that it can be messy and appear suspicious. This is especially true if you are using a dab rig, and may put off some people from trying CBD dabbing. You may instead want to consider using a discreet vape pen to avoid drawing negative attention. There are ceramic and quartz coil options that will provide you with superior flavour and are extremely easy to use!

3. DIY CBD Topical Creams​

One of the most underrated uses of CBD crystals is as a topical agent for skincare. You can melt crystals into carriers like coconut oil, MCT oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, or olive oil, and then apply them topically like a lotion or balm. Whatever carrier oil you choose - because you are creating the topical salve yourself from CBD crystals - you can tailor the strength to your specific health requirements. For instance, why not try adding other active therapeutic compounds, like essential oils, that can work in tandem with the soothing effect of CBD?

When CBD is applied topically, it is absorbed directly through the skin. Because it is applied right directly onto any troubled area, and cannabinoid receptors are located throughout the skin, the CBD works where it is needed the most. Notably, coconut oil is perhaps the most popular carrier oil for CBD skincare products due to the range of skincare benefits it possesses

4. Boost the Potency of Your Current CBD Product

Do you already have a favourite CBD supplement but are looking for a way to integrate more CBD into your system?

CBD crystals dissolve very easily and offer a high dose of CBD in a very small amount of product. This makes CBD isolate crystals an ideal choice for those who are looking to boost the potency of your current CBD supplements, especially for more experienced users. Just mix and dissolve the desired amount with your chosen product. Gently heating the bottle in warm water will help this process.

Final Thoughts

Although CBD crystals are a highly refined and versatile CBD product, many people do not choose to buy them as they are unsure how to administer or use pure CBD isolate. Now we have shown you several different ways of using CBD crystals, hopefully you will be inspired to try them! CBD crystals are an ideal choice for those seeking CBD in its purest form, as well as being a great addition to your CBD supplement routine!

For a pure CBD experience, why not try Love Hemp’s 99% CBD crystals? Our CBD isolate is organically sourced, third party laboratory-tested, and suitable for vegans!

If you are not in the market for pure CBD isolate, why not check out the range of other CBD products that we have to offer. From CBD edibles to CBD body salves to CBD sprays, we will have a product suited to you!

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