CBD Made Simple: CBD Edibles

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Welcome to the second part of our ‘CBD Made Simple’, the series where we unpack your most commonly asked questions and shed some light on all things CBD. 

CBD Edibles 

Are CBD edibles legal in the UK? 


Many people hear that CBD is extracted from hemp plants and assume it must be illegal. This is just not true. The illegal part of cannabis is the psychoactive substance, THC (unsurprisingly, this is also the addictive part).

Just like all other CBD products we sell, CBD edibles do not contain THC so are completely legal in the UK. 

How long does it take for CBD edibles to work? 

CBD edibles work best when taken consistently and daily, also known as cumulative dosing. This is so CBD can build up to a steady level in the bloodstream and people often report feeling the general wellbeing benefits after a week or so.

So, having a few of our tasty jelly domes or dark chocolates as a sweet treat everyday could actually do you the world of good.

But, as usual, this depends on the individual and can depend on a range of factors including diet, metabolism, sex, weight and tolerance.

Remember, CBD edibles will not produce a ‘high’ - they are psychoactive-free - so it can be harder to identify when they have taken their full effect.

CBD Chocolate

What does CBD chocolate do? 

CBD chocolate is just a tastier way of getting that all important CBD dosage.

For those who don’t like the taste of CBD it can be useful to take it alongside the cocoa goodness of chocolate. Some research has suggested that the combination of sugar and CBD actually prolongs and increases the effectiveness of CBD.

Is CBD chocolate legal in the UK? 


We wouldn’t stock anything that isn’t.

Just like all our other CBD products our CBD chocolate has been through stringent testing to ensure that it is THC free, so you can relax and enjoy its benefits.

Does CBD chocolate work?

Of course! You get the exact same benefits from CBD chocolate as you do any other form of CBD. It’s the CBD which is the active ingredient, and it’s simply a different way of taking it which may be preferable to some people.

Research has shown that the CBD added to chocolate can help to support your immune system and overall well being.

CBD Gummies

What do CBD gummies make you feel like? 

In case we haven’t stressed this enough already - CBD gummies will not make you feel intoxicatingly ‘high’. They have many positive effects that promote balance and well being, many of which develop over time.

Check out are CBD Jelly Dome selection - each vegan, gummy treat is full of goodness and full of flavour.

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