Does CBD really do anything?

If CBD didn't have a positive affect why is it a growing billion dollar industry? People forget too, that CBD has had the addictive elements removed. So CBD products are NOT to be confused with cannabis.

Cannabinoids are essential to human health.  At the very beginning of life, new born babies rely on the endocannabinoid 2-arachidonoylglycerol, present in high concentration in breast milk, to stimulate appetite and provoke the suckling instinct.

At the end of life, age-related oxidation and deterioration of cells can be slowed by ingesting cannabinoids, exactly the sort of support that can be gained from using CBD products as a food supplement.

Cannabinoids in high concentrations are being researched as medicines all over the world for a wide range of conditions.

It is barely 30 years since the discovery of the endocannabinoid system but we now know it is the largest neurotransmitter network in the body and is fundamental to keeping our physical and mental health in balance.

Before considering the medical use of cannabinoids it is worth integrating CBD into your lifestyle as a food supplement.

A small amount of CBD taken every day, perhaps 50mg to 100mg for the average adult, can help to support your immune system.

It can also support the difficulties of modern life such as stress, lack of exercise and a poor diet. And let's face it, we could always do with extra tips to help relive or support stress.

Of course, taking time for proper rest, regular exercise and a well balanced diet should come first but just as you may take vitamin or mineral supplements, so CBD products can be helpful.

100 years ago, before the worldwide ban on cannabis, hemp was one of the most widely grown agricultural crops and it was a regular part of everyone’s diet.

It is an important element in human nutrition and something we have lost due to misguided drugs policies and irrational fear of what is actually one of our most beneficial plants.

This fear of cannabis has arisen because of its properties as a psychoactive drug but CBD is non-psychoactive, it cannot make you ‘high’.

Our CBD products are all based on oil extracted from low-THC cannabis and all the evidence is that it has no negative effects at all.

Many people report remarkable improvements to their general wellbeing once they start using it.

CBD should not be used to treat any particular medical condition such as cancer. In fact CBD can't cure cancer, let us be clear. 

As a food supplement its effects are much more subtle and gentle and for all ages, the greatest benefit will be found from small, regular doses.

CBD Gummy sweets are an excellent, fun way to get your daily dose.

Each CBD sweet contains 10mg of CBD so one a day is probably just about right for children up to the age of 10 and this can easily be increased to four or five a day for teenagers.

You should never exceed the maximum daily dose of 200mg.

Older people may prefer to take CBD capsules, as a few drops of oil under the tongue or added to food or, a very effective method is by using CBD E-liquid in an e-cig.

In fact, vapourising CBD is one of the most efficient ways of getting it into your bloodstream and you may be able to use less this way for the same benefit as if you were consuming it as food.

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