Famous faces: Five Celebrities who love CBD

Over the last five years, CBD has shot into public consciousness at an unprecedented speed.

It has successfully penetrated mainstream popular culture and has become a household name in the wellness industry.

Last year Coca-Cola and other big brands announced intentions to research further into the CBD market and the relationship to wellness.

Such widespread growth has facilitated greater research and testing that has been able to certify CBD’s safety, validity and wellbeing benefits. 

CBD has also penetrated celebrity circles as personalities from a variety of industries have publicly endorsed CBD products and described their own CBD preferences.

In this article, we’ll look at just a handful of the famous faces that use CBD and what product is their go-to choice. 


Does Kim Kardashian take CBD?

This one might not be surprising.

Kim Kardashian has long spoken about her love for CBD, often using her Instagram stories to share her favourite products.

As well as professing her love for CBD gummies, she even threw a CBD-themed baby shower in anticipation of the birth of her youngest son, Psalm West.

With a focus on ‘CBD & Meditation’, the shower included a ‘make your own’ CBD bath salts class, massages with a range of CBD body oils and a collection of products for guests to take home. 

Do celebrities take CBD oil?


What does Beyoncé think about CBD?

In an interview for Harper Bazaar’s September issue, Beyoncé discusses a range of topics from her previous tour, to finding creativity throughout lockdown, to CBD.

She describes the variety of benefits she has felt from using CBD and labelled the process a ‘positive ritual’ that she developed during quarantine.

In the same interview, Beyoncé revealed that she has plans to build her own hemp farm.

Morgan Freeman has been vocal about CBD

The well-loved actor has been incredibly vocal about his CBD usage.

He has said that CBD has been a part of his life for many years (since 2008) which makes Freeman an early advocate.

In previous interviews he has described his CBD journey and been a strong voice of support for the benefits of CBD. 

Gwyneth Paltrow's 'Goop' published CBD guidelines

The actress and entrepreneur has also long been associated with CBD.

As both a CBD user and owner of a wellness brand, Gwyneth Paltrow has both personal and business connections to CBD.

Her wellness brand, Goop, have published CBD guides depicting the experience of first-time users and alongside a description of the benefits of using CBD.

There's now content published on its website discussing what CBD is and its connection to wellbeing.

She has been a vocal advocate for CBD infused skincare products and often uses her brand to promote a range of CBD cosmetic lines. 

Does Seth Rogen support CBD?

Whilst the actor has also expressed his support for CBD in a range of interviews, Seth Rogan has recently used twitter to recommend CBD oil to other online users.

The actor and comedian has also revealed his preference for CBD oils over other forms of CBD-infused products. 

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