Happy Father’s Day from CBD Oils UK

CBD Oils UK in partnership with Love Hemp.

To celebrate Father’s Day this weekend, we’ve been chatting to lots of our amazing Love Hemp Ambassadors about what being a dad means to them.

Here’s a round-up of them pictured with their children and what they told us about why they love being a dad.

Kamaru Usman - UFC Welterweight Champion.  CBD Oils UK in partnership with Love Hemp

Kamaru Usman - UFC Welterweight Champion

Kamaru Usman UFC Welterweight Champion, who uses Love Hemp 10% Oil and Body Salve twice a day to aid muscle recovery, says: “I’m the best MMA Welterweight Fighter but nothing beats being a dad.”

Sunny Edwards - WBO International Super-Flyweight Champion. CBD Oils UK in partnership with Love Hemp

Sunny Edwards - WBO International Super-Flyweight Champion

Sunny Edwards is WBO International Super-Flyweight Champion – and also a fan of our sugar free CBD infused Gummy Bears. He says the best bit about being a dad is: "Having someone to come back to after a hard day’s training, that you know one little smile from will absolutely brighten up and make your day. It makes training camps that bit easier knowing it’s all for him.”

Jamie Sheldon - UFC & Boxing Cutman. CBD Oils UK in partnership with Love Hemp

Jamie Sheldon - UFC & Boxing Cutman

Yorkshire born professional boxing and UFC Cutman Jamie Sheldon says: “Being a dad gives me the purpose and motivation to succeed not just in a business sense but as a person. Being a good role model to my son is the best feeling!”

Jamie is a fan of Love Hemp’s 10% Oil, Body Salve and Gel Capsules.

CBD Oils UK in partnership with Love Hemp

Aung La Nsang - Two time One Champion

Aung La Nsang, nicknamed the ‘Burmese Python’ and twice a One Champion, says: "I enjoy the simple pleasures and simple moments with my son whether that’s going fishing with him or just hanging out with him. When I come home from training he runs up to me calling 'father' and seeing him smile is the most enjoyable thing about being a dad.”

Aung uses Love Hemp’s 10% Oil and our new Jelly Domes.

If you’re still looking for an original gift idea for your dad then visit our CBD Oils and Edibles shop where you can find lots of ideas for a CBD infused Father’s Day.

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