CBD Hemp for the Holidays: Gift the Gift of Cannabis Oil

CBD cannabis oil's reign is still going strong as it proves to be popular amongst those partial to health and wellness products.

From cannabis oils to sprays, edibles and cosmetics, there is a chance that CBD might make it on to your shopping list this year. If you’ve got a friend who’s curious about CBD or one who is already a cannabis oil veteran, there’s no better time than the present to give them the gift of a CBD-infused treat.

Everyone is different, so it’s important to find the perfect gift whether it’s for yourself or a loved one.

So, here’s our list of CBD gifts we’re loving this festive season:

2020 Botanics 1,500mg CBD Capsules, RRP £29.99 

2020 Botanics is one of the most affordable collections of CBD capsules and oils available to-date.

With all products certified 100% THC-free, they have been specifically created to meet the need for a more affordable CBD oil for both first-time and long-term users, without compromising on quality.

So if you’ve got a friend looking to dip their toes into the CBD trend, 2020 Botanics is the one for you!

Love Hemp CBD Jelly Domes 50mg CBD, RRP £4.99

The Love Hemp CBD Gummy Domes are perfect as a gift for that CBD newbie. With a low price and pre-packaged CBD gummies it is the ideal starting point for someone who has expressed an interest in trying CBD but still has not taken the first step. 

These CBD edibles are even vegan, so suitable for any diet and those with a bit of a sweet tooth.

CBD Hemp 1,200mg Christmas Edition CBD Oil, RRP £49.99

For those looking to grab life by the leaf this festive season, why not give CBD Oils' festive flavours a try?

Available in Peppermint, Cherry or cannabis oil original, this conveniently bottled vegan formula is the perfect source of CBD on-the-go.

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