How to Boost your Wellbeing in 2022

Now that 2021 has officially drawn to a close, it is time to think about what you’d like to achieve in 2022. 

Most people begin the year with a list of new year’s resolutions, attainable goals to strive towards in the forthcoming year. We want to encourage you to place your wellness at the forefront of those goals; at the end of this year, you want to feel that you’ve nurtured and looked after your wellbeing.

To give you some inspiration, we at CBD Oils UK have compiled a list of ways to boost your wellbeing in 2022. Remember, even small changes can significantly impact your wellness this forthcoming year. 

Increase your water intake

Ensuring to stay hydrated throughout the day reaps excellent wellbeing benefits. Drinking enough water hydrates your skin and aids digestion to boost your energy levels. 

Remind yourself to stay hydrated by keeping a jug of water on your desk and ensuring to carry a bottle of water with you whenever you’re not at home.

Incorporate more exercise into your daily routine

Staying active is fantastic for both your physical and mental health. Alongside taking up a new sport or trying a new class at the gym, you can also make small changes to your daily routine, like taking the stairs instead of the elevator at work and getting off the bus a stop earlier. 

Buy green plants for your home

Green plants can improve the air quality in your home and have a calming effect. In addition, through nurturing and keeping plants alive, you can gain a great sense of achievement. So in 2022, why not make your home greener!

Reduce your screen time

Whether you spend too much time scrolling through Instagram, messaging on Whatsapp or watching youtube, we are all guilty of overusing our electronic devices. Too much screen time impacts sleep quality, alongside levels of anxiety and depression. In 2022, think about reducing the amount of time you spend on your electronic devices. Instead, use that time to learn a new skill, or spend more quality time with friends and family. 

Boost your immunity

Our bodies need sufficient levels of Vitamin D to maintain our health and support our immune system. To make this an attainable goal in 2022, ensure to include enough dietary sources of vitamin D such as eggs and oily fish into your lifestyle. 

Add more fruits and vegetables into your diet

Striving towards a healthy diet full of fruit and vegetables is key to supporting your wellbeing this year. If this is an overwhelming prospect, start by simply adding more vegetables to your dinner plates, for example, a side salad with tomatoes and cucumber. You can even try snacking on fruit instead of biscuits.

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