Incorporating CBD Into Your Skincare Routine This Winter

The dry air, unforgiving winds, and cold temperatures that accompany winter all take a toll on your skin. Therefore, getting your skincare routine in order for the coming months is very important if you want to reduce chapping and redness. CBD-infused skincare products have started to gain popularity in recent years and could be the perfect option if you are looking to combat dry skin this winter. More importantly, they will allow you to do so whilst simultaneously giving you your daily dose of CBD.

In this blog, we break down everything you need to know about CBD skincare products and how you can incorporate them into your daily routine this winter.

What Is the Difference Between CBD Oil and Hemp Seed Oil?

As CBD oil and hemp seed oil are respectively used in a variety of skincare products, they often get conflated and used interchangeably. Importantly, however, the two are completely different. Hemp seed oil comes from the seeds of the Cannabis sativa plant, which does not contain CBD, whereas CBD oil is extracted from dried hemp plants.

Although hemp seed oil still contains a number of beneficial nutrients and fatty acids, its main purpose is to keep your skin hydrated. Comparatively, CBD is a compound with numerous wellness-promoting health benefits.  

How Does It Work?

Like any other CBD product, a CBD skincare product works by interacting with the endocannabinoid system. Endocannabinoids are fatty substances or oils in microscopic quantities which interact or bind with cannabinoid receptors.  

Cannabinoid receptors are membranes in our body’s cells that enable signals to be passed back and forth. There are CB1 and CB2 receptors in the central nervous system and CB2 receptors in the immune and gastrointestinal systems. Our body manufactures endocannabinoids in order to pass messages concerning functions such as stress response, memory, appetite, and mood. That is why the endocannabinoid system and CBD oil are a powerful partnership that offers support to our health and wellbeing.

CB1 and CB2 receptors are both present in the skin. In theory, therefore, when CBD is applied to the skin, it can connect with these receptors. Notably, CBD salves target localised areas rather than reaching cannabidiol receptors throughout the whole body like CBD oils, capsules, and edibles

Incorporating CBD Skincare Products into Your Daily Routine 

CBD body salves are perfect for soothing dry and chapped skin, especially when they contain raw coconut oil like ours to create a deep conditioning formula. Coconut oil helps to keep your skin moisturised, meanwhile research has also pointed towards its potential anti-inflammatory properties. For this reason, you may choose to massage the salve into your skin post-workout, to help soothe your body from aches and pains.

If you are worried about using a CBD body salve because you have sensitive skin, know that our organic formula is specifically designed with sensitive skin in mind. Unless you have a known allergy to one of the ingredients, you will be able to benefit from its soothing effect.

How Much CBD Body Salve Should You Use?

As it cannot be measured out in the same precise way, it is harder to give dosage advice for CBD body salves than it is for CBD oils or CBD capsules, for example. We recommend that you apply a thin layer and massage thoroughly into your skin. If you are starting out, we would also recommend that you start small – roughly 10mg – and increase as time goes on.

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) advises that you do not exceed 70mg of CBD a day. In relation to our Love Hemp CBD Body Salve which contains 300mg CBD, this would mean that you should not use any more than roughly a quarter of it in a single day.

Final Thoughts

Most importantly, you need to find the CBD product that is right for you. Our entire range of CBD products is tested by certified third-party laboratories to ensure the highest quality for our customers. A CBD skincare and self-care routine may be exactly what you need to combat the harsh conditions this winter!


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