Indulge in the Everyday With the Launch of 2020 Botanics: High Quality CBD at an Affordable Price

New CBD range

CBD Oils UK is pleased to announce the launch of its new CBD range, 2020 Botanics, with the release of five new products ranging from high to low strength in both capsule and oil formats and are available exclusively.

As economic concern grows, the demand for affordable CBD products is on the rise, and it’s now, more than ever, that CBD has become a staple of self-care and beauty routines.

CBD drops as well as 1,500mg and 500mg CBD capsules

2020 Botanics is one of the most affordable collections of CBD capsules and oils available to-date, with all products certified 100% THC-free and come in a precise CBD concentration.

The products have been specifically created to meet the need for a more affordable CBD oil for both first-time and long term users without compromising on quality.

2020 Botanics is available in 5,000mg1,500mg and 500mg CBD drops as well as 1,500mg and 500mg CBD capsules, all suitable for both vegetarians and vegans with RRP starting at £19.99.

If you’re looking for an affordable way to dip your toes into the CBD trend, 2020 Botanics might be just the thing for you!

View the full range here.

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