Must-have CBD Products for the Athlete in your Life

CBD products are becoming increasingly popular across the world.

Even professional athletes are openly taking a keen interest in CBD, with many now incorporating it into their daily health and fitness routines.

Whether it’s topical CBD, capsules, oils, sprays, cosmetics or edibles, there’s a CBD product to suit every need.

If you’re looking to treat the athlete in your life, or yourself, with some high-quality CBD products, then take a look at some of our must-have products.

Love Hemp CBD-Infused Body Salve, RRP £19.99

CBD-Infused Body Salve is a favourite with many athletes and fitness enthusiasts, including the likes of Georges St-Pierre. The luxurious, organic and hand-blended salve is enriched with the finest quality CBD extract.

With a soothing, coconut oil base expertly combined with beeswax and essential oils, this body salve is perfect for a deep conditioning treatment.

Perfectly packaged in a small pot, this product is great for on-the-go exercise and can be applied before and after a workout for optimum results. 

Buzz Leaf 1000mg CBD Oil (Natural), RRP £34.99

These natural flavoured CBD Oil drops help to give athletes an extra boost, so you can get the most out of every movement. Buzz Leaf is a full spectrum formula and can be purchased in natural or exotic cherry flavour, depending on your taste.

Buzz Leaf is GMO free, gluten free and suitable for vegans.

2020 Botanics 1500mg Vegan Capsules, RRP £29.99

Perfect for plant-based athletes, these vegan capsules contain exactly 30mg of CBD per capsule.

2020 Botanics offers a range of high performing CBD isolate products, at an affordable price.

Simply take one capsule per day, increasing your intake gradually as required.

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