Restorative Self-Care Rituals - Mental Health

Mental health is so important and everybody deserves a break. However, we frequently tell ourselves we don’t have the time, therefore it’s important to learn how to slow down and restore.

What is Self-Care?

Self-care doesn’t have to be anything elaborate; it’s about taking some time to do something that feels therapeutic to you. Whether that’s 10 minutes in the morning, or 15 minutes before you go to bed, it all makes a difference.

Here are some quick and simple self-care rituals to add into your routine, that can make you feel a whole lot better. 

1. Put the kettle on

More often than not, a hot cup of tea or coffee is guzzled down whilst working at your desk or in between frantically tidying up the house – it’s not often we savour the moment.

Why not pick 15 minutes of the day where you can enjoy your favourite hot drink, whilst taking a moment to gather your thoughts. Try it in the morning for a revitalising start to the day, or even in the afternoon for a quick energy-boost.

2. Get some fresh air

Getting out into the fresh air offers a great deal of health benefits, both physically and mentally. Taking 10 minutes out of your day to walk around the block can help you boost your vitality levels.

Fresh air is proven to make you happier - the more oxygen you inhale, the more serotonin you inhale, making you feel healthier and happier.

3. Play your favourite song

Music is known for helping regulate your mood, so picking your favourite song and playing it every day can only mean positive things for you. Music has the power to lower the levels of stress-related hormones in the body, so it’s the perfect pick-me-up after a long stressful day.

Try playing it each day after you finish work to revitalise.

4. Sleep properly

Most people need 7-8 hours of sleep per day to fully recharge which allows us to function properly. So try to aim for that, try to get off that phone by 10pm and wind down and into bed by 11pm. 

Try napping too at the weekend - don't feel guilty. Put those chores off and nap too.

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