The Future for CBD in the UK

You may have noticed that despite many stories and reports about CBD being banned by the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency), CBD Oils UK is still very much in business.

Photo: Laboratory testing: 'All Love Hemp products are laboratory tested for CBD content and to detect any contaminants'.

We are supplying more customers than ever before with our hemp extracts which contain high levels of CBD for use as a food supplement.

Is CBD Oil banned in the UK?

No it isn't. So what is all the fuss about and what does it mean for you? In the autumn of 2016 we began to hear that the UK medicines regulator, the MHRA was becoming concerned about the medical claims being made by some CBD suppliers.

Although there is a lot of theoretical CBD science and the benefits it offers, there have been very few clinical trials about using it in living, breathing human beings.

In the UK and in most countries it is against the law to make medical claims about a product unless it has been properly tested.

This makes good sense so while people are free to do their own research, it's obviously wrong for any supplier to make claims they can't back up with proper evidence. You can learn more about CBD Oils UK here.

We take our responsibilities to our customers very seriously. We can tell you all about what our products contain, how the hemp is grown and how we extract the oil which contains the CBD.  However, we will never claim that our products can treat or cure illnesses.

All we can say is that CBD food supplement is extremely valuable as it can help you maintain your health in exactly the same way as eating a balanced diet and taking other food supplements such as vitamins and minerals.

We test all our products at professional analytic laboratories to measure their CBD content and ensure there are no impurities or contaminants that could be harmful.

MHRA meeting. 'Meeting the MHRA. Tom Rowland of Love Hemp is third from the left'

 Photo: MHRA meeting: 'Meeting the MHRA. Tom Rowland of Love Hemp is third from the left'.

A lab test is available for every product featured on this website. If you have any difficulty finding a lab test or require any further information, please telephone or email our team.

Contact details are provided on every page of this website.

So the MHRA is clamping down on CBD suppliers making irresponsible claims. Love Hemp's director, Tom Rowland, along with representatives from other CBD companies, met with the MHRA back in November.

The leading CBD companies  have joined together to form the Cannabis Trades Association UK.

It is now negotiating with the MHRA to ensure proper regulation of the market.

So, although the MHRA involvement initially caused a lot of concern, in the end it should be a very good thing. Some very strong CBD products will have to be classed as medicines and go through every extensive testing and trials.

All the products on this website will continue to be sold as food supplements.  Please buy and try with confidence.

At recommended dosages all our products are very safe and offer great benefit as food supplements.

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