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CBD for Health and Happiness

The human brain is far more complex than the most powerful computer we can even imagine.  It is the most important organ in our body but our health and happiness depend on it and the way it interacts with all our other organs and a myriad of physiological and psychological processes.  It’s remarkable how most of us are healthy for many years and most of us spend most of our lives at least reasonably happy and content.

We really are a miracle of nature and we owe it to ourselves and to our friends and family to do all we can to make the most of our lives.  Above all else that means maintaining good health, for everything else flows from that.

CBD products from Love Hemp are designed to supplement the endocannabinoid system (ECS), now known to be the largest neurotransmitter network in the human body.  Regular use of CBD as a food supplement can help to improve and maintain your health.  The ECS is important in so many aspects of our health.  It regulates mood, memory, appetite, aging, pain and inflammation.  It is also involved in the immune, reproductive, cardiovascular and gastrointestinal systems.

Overall though, the most important function of the ECS is to regulate stability of all bodily functions, which is called homeostasis.  It is exactly because the ECS is involved in so many aspects of our health that it can restore balance when we are affected by illness, poor diet or bad lifestyle choices.

CBD is one of the principal components of cannabis.  It cannot get you ‘high’ but because cannabis is so heavily restricted, even for this non-psychoactive component, it has been very difficult to develop medicines. CBD products are therefore not sold as medicines but as food supplements.  No claims can be made that they can treat medical problems or diseases. All we can say is that they help to maintain health and wellbeing, just like other food supplements.

Love Hemp offers CBD in a variety of different forms.  It all starts with oil extracted from low THC varieties of cannabis which are grown legally under licence.  This is available in different concentrations or it is incorporated into products such as creams, e-liquids, capsules, suppositories or even chewing gum.  It’s entirely up to you to choose which product you prefer.

However you chose to take CBD, we recommend starting with a low dose and gradually increasing it as desired.  The maximum dose we recommend for use as a food supplement in adults is 200mg but most people gain benefit from much smaller amounts.  CBD is completely safe and non-toxic so you can experiment without fear of any side effects.  However, if you are taking regular prescription medicines it would be a good idea to mention your use of CBD to your doctor.

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