We believe that our CBD drinks collection is the best tasting on the market!

Designed to be seamlessly incorporated into your daily wellness routine, our sleek 330ml cans can be consumed anytime throughout the day and provide a healthy alternative to caffeine drinks.

Alternatively, check out our best-selling CBD oil drops if you want to make your own CBD-infused concoction!

Choose from our varied selection of Cola, Lemon & Lime, Mixed Berry, and Orange low-calorie CBD drinks. Relax, unwind, and rehydrate, all whilst getting your daily dose of CBD!

CBD Drinks: Calm Water® FAQ

Once CBD is extracted from the dried hemp plant, it is infused with water to make CBD water. It is at this point that we add flavourings and other ingredients to create our range of different flavoured sparkling waters. Whilst CBD water is one of the newest CBD products on the market, we believe that we have already perfected our formula!

We typically recommend starting with 10mg CBD per dose, and then it is up to you to increase this amount as time goes on. Handily, each 330ml can of Calm Water contains 10mg of CBD!

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) advises that you do not exceed 70mg CBD per day. Up to this amount, how much CBD you take is up to you. So, you can have one can of Calm Water twice a day for your CBD intake to be considered a small amount. Some people are likely to have a higher tolerance than others, and so it is all about personal preference.

Despite a common misconception, CBD will not get you "high". As we specialise in broad-spectrum CBD products, our entire range is THC-free. Instead, CBD offers a range of wellness-promoting health benefits by interacting with the endocannabinoid system.

Our Orange CBD-infused Calm Water also has a range of other health benefits due to its multi-vitamin immune support formula. Just 1 can a day has 100% NRV of essential vitamins including A, B, C, D, E, K and Folic Acid.

Across our CBD range, quality is king. We average a 5-star rating, which is no surprise given that we work closely with the world’s leading brands of CBD supplements and state of the art laboratories to ensure our customers are supplied with the finest CBD supplements available.

We also dispatch orders Monday to Friday on the same day if the order is completed by 3pm and offer FREE UK Delivery for orders over £30!