CTAUK Certified – The Gold Standard for CBD Suppliers

Love Hemp and CBD Oils UK are now certified by the Cannabis Trades Association UK.

This means that we and other businesses in the hemp and CBD market have joined together to establish high standards of quality and consumer protection. Jointly, we aim to eliminate bad practices and to ensure that we can continue to trade legally and ethically.

We are proud to be founder members of the association which was initially established in 2016 to present a united front to the MHRA when it threatened to bring restrictions to the trade. CTAUK now represents its members to the MHRA and is also in regular contact with the Home Office.  This is about bringing professional standards to our industry and getting rid of the cowboy traders that have tried to get in to make a quick buck.

While all the CTAUK certified companies are competitive with each other, we believe co-operation is the best way to raise standards and protect our customers.  You can be sure that as long as you buy from a certified company you will get what you are paying for and you will not be sold something that is illegal.

CTAUK is also working with the MHRA and Home Office on their policies over the legal cannabis trade. Most of us anticipate there will be some reform of the laws around cannabis in the near future and we want to be sure the industry and its customers have their voices heard.

Of course, we will continue to promote Love Hemp products and the Charlotte’s Web and Endoca brands which we believe are the very best available but if you can’t find what you want from us, go to another certified company.  That way you will be safe and secure.  A full list of certified companies can be seen here: http://cannabistrades.uk/membership-account/directory/

The association is still developing and new certified companies will be joining so remember to check back regularly.

You can also see the standards that the CTAUK sets here: http://cannabistrades.uk/asssociation-standards/

These are very largely about protecting the consumer and these should convince anyone that it is only CTAUK certified companies you should give your money to.  You have no such assurance from other suppliers.

CTAUK members will also be working together to develop new products, both within the confines of the present law and as reforms are introduced.  The association will help to drive forward reform and liaise with government and all authorities.

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