Is CBD oil legal in the UK?

This is a question we get asked all the time. People often worry about if they buy CBD oil or if they are caught with CBD oil whether or not they will be in trouble with the law. And you have every right to be worried about your legal welfare.

The quick answer is Cannabidiol (CBD) is not a controlled substance in the UK. CBD oil is 100% legal and can be freely distributed in the UK without any restrictions.

CBD Oil According to Home Office

Here are Home Office’s views on CBD oil, and it couldn’t be more clear:

The Controversial Rip-Off You May Be Caught up in

Going back through history cannabis is one of the oldest domesticated crops known to civilisation. The Medical community has been conducting research on the benefits of CBD for approximately 40 years, and this research has been documented by some of the biggest and most well-respected medical institutions and research laboratories in the world.

Unfortunately, due to legal restrictions, we cannot talk about some of the research that has been conducted. But it has been often been regarded for a long time that big pharmaceutical companies have played down the effects of CBD.

So they can keep the huge billion-dollar profits in their own back pocket.

That’s only one of the controversies.

The second major controversy is that many CBD oil suppliers have been caught selling illegal CBD products. Some have suggested that their product contains more CBD than it actually does.

Essentially, these companies are lying to you the trusted consumer.

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