We guarantee that every product we sell is:

Extracted from organically grown hemp in the USA.

Strictly GMO-free

100% natural

THC-free: safe, legal and won’t get you high

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Organic Hemp Extract Our organically grown hemp is only treated with organic fertilizers and pesticides on natural organic soil. This assures a contaminant free and clean hemp extract to protect consumer safety. Broad Spectrum Distillate Isolate Broad Spectrum Distillate
Extraction Method Supercritical Carbon Dioxide extraction is a safe and clean extraction method that uses regulated pressure, temperature, and carbon dioxide which is considered as a clean and safe food and beverage ingredient. Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Supercritical Carbon Dioxide
CBD Cannabidiol (CBD) is the major cannabinoid in hemp. It is not psychoactive and does not make you high. However, CBD is well known to provide health and wellness benefits to humans and animals. >80% >99% >80%
THC compliant THC compliancy indiates that the product has less than 0.3% THC or is THC free. THC is the psychoactive component that makes you high at high concentrations but not at 0.3% or less.
Minor Cannabinoids There are many more cannabinoids in hemp than CBD. Their concentrations are much less but they still provide additional health and wellness benefits. In fact, the presence of minor cannabinoids actully enhances the effects of CBD through the entourage effect.
Terpenes Terpenes are phytocompounds in hemp that gives hemp the chracteristic sweet and spicy aroma. Terpenes work hand in hand with CBD though the entourage effect and this synergy provides enhanced health and wellness benefits. Very High
Fully Tested Certificates of Analysis (CoA) include testing for major and minor cannbinoids, terpenes, and contaminants. This assures consumer safety and compliant products.
No Heavy metals Heavy metals are often used in pesticides and fertilizers. The Certificate of Analysis (CoA) assures that our products are heavy metal free.
No Pesticides Petsicides are harmful for human health. The Certificate of Analysis shows that our products are pesticide free.
No Microbial Contaminants Microbial contaminants like yeast, molds, and bacteria are harmful to human health. The Certificate of Analysis shows that our products are free of any pathogenic microbes.
Flavored Flavor depends on personal preferences. All flavors in our products are sourced from organic essential oils and terpenes.
Vegan Our products do not contain meat, eggs, dairy products, or any animal-derived ingredients.
GMO Free All of our hemp extracts come from plants that have not been genetically modified by genetic engineering or transgenic technology.
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