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We offer fantastic wholesale distributor deals on all Love Hemp and 2020 Botanics CBD products at CBD Oils UK. You can purchase our best-selling CBD products at wholesale prices, including the 2020 Botanics® 1500mg CBD Oil Liquid Drops and the Love Hemp® CBD Jelly Domes. 

The 2020 Botanics CBD Oil Drops are fantastic for on-the-go use; each bottle comes with a handy graduated pipette to ensure precise CBD concentration with every dose. The Love Hemp CBD Jelly Domes are a sweet and tasty gummy alternative to CBD oil; enjoy three fruity flavours, zesty orange, succulent strawberry and delicious blackcurrant.

Unfortunately, we don't publish wholesale CBD pricing on the website. So if you're interested in being a wholesale CBD Oils UK customer, please complete the form below. 


Wholesale CBD UK | CBD Oil Wholesale UK FAQ

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the hundreds of naturally occurring compounds in the hemp plant, known as cannabinoids. It is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, meaning it will not cause the high typically associated with hemp.

It could not be easier! To buy CBD oil wholesale at CBD Oils UK, simply complete and submit the form above, and a member of the CBD Oils UK team will get back to you in no time,

Almost all our CBD oil products are available to buy wholesale, so get in touch today and discover what we can do for you.

At CBD Oils UK, we offer wholesale distributor deals on all Love Hemp and 2020 Botanics CBD products. Choose from CBD oils, CBD sprays, CBD capsules, CBD cosmetics and CBD edibles.

Yes, at CBD Oils UK, we stock different varieties of Love Hemp and 2020 Botanics CBD Oils, available to purchase in bulk.

Our CBD oils are available in four delectable flavours; Wild Cherry, Valencia Orange, Peppermint and Natural. They are also available in a range of CBD strengths. From 300mg mild strength CBD, best suited to beginner CBD users, to strong strength 6000mg CBD, catering to the more experienced CBD user, there is a CBD oil for everyone.

Yes, it is completely legal to buy CBD wholesale in the UK.

At CBD Oils UK, we ensure all our products are legal and safe through undertaking a stringent testing process.

Yes, it is completely legal to sell CBD products in the UK. However, UK law states that CBD products sold must meet stringent criteria to be legally available for human consumption. Therefore, to ensure the CBD products you buy are safe from consumption, it is essential to always buy CBD from trusted pharmacies, websites or stores such as CBD Oils UK. At CBD Oils UK we only sell broad-spectrum CBD products, this means that all products are 100% THC free!

Yes, you can start your own CBD business in the UK. CBD doesn't fall under the controlled substances list in the UK, making it legal to possess and sell. However, all CBD businesses must adhere to strict UK regulations. Read the MHRA statement on products containing Cannabidiol (CBD) here to find out more.

Ensure that you know all the legalities before starting your CBD venture. You need to know the difference between broad spectrum and full spectrum CBD, one is THC free and the other is not! This is an important distinction when selling CBD.

You can purchase your wholesale CBD products from a reputable store, like CBD Oils UK, and start selling your own CBD at health food shops or anywhere online. Fill out the contact form above to get more information about becoming one of our wholesale partners.