Using CBD For Dogs and Cats

All mammals have an endocannabinoid system (ECS), so your pet cat or dog can benefit from using CBD as a food supplement just like you.

Birds, reptiles, fish, amphibians, even sea urchins, in fact all animals except insects seem to have an ECS, though not exactly the same or as well developed as it is in mammals.

There is now quite a lot of experience in giving CBD to dogs but much less for other animals so it’s sensible to be very cautious and go slowly if you think your pet would benefit.

Just as in humans, regular use of CBD is particularly helpful for the effects of aging.  Many people find CBD can help support older dogs but although it seems obvious, do remember that even a large dog is much, much smaller than you.  A labrador or a retriever, for instance, is going to be at most one-third the body weight of an adult human, so it would be sensible to start with perhaps one-quarter of the dose you might give yourself. For a smaller dog or a cat the dose needs to be even smaller.

As a rough guide, for a medium sized dog weighing 25 kilos, start on no more than 25mg of CBD per day – one mg per kilo of body weight.  For the average pet cat, weighing about four kilos, no more than four mg of CBD.

Love Hemp For Pets is a special veterinary formulation containing 500mg of CBD in 60ml oil.  Each drop provides about 0.5mg of CBD so it’s ideal for cats or smaller dogs.  For larger dogs you might prefer another Love Hemp product but work out carefully what dose you are giving. Remember, your pet can’t tell you if it feels any benefit!  Just as if you were giving a vitamin supplement or trying a new food, you’ll have to see over a period of time whether it’s working.

CBD is very unlikely to produce any side effects at these doses.  However, if your pet seems disorientated, hyperactive, very sleepy or vomits then that is a clear sign to stop.  If this happens, give your pet a week’s break then go back to the dose you were using before. Provided there are no side effects, you can gradually increase the dose each week. Don’t give more than 5mg per kilo of body weight per day.

Using CBD as a food supplement for your pet is just part of looking after it. It can never substitute for a balanced diet and regular exercise.  Of course, if you think your dog or cat has an illness or a significant health problem then consult your vet and be sure to explain if you’ve been giving it CBD.  Remember, CBD can affect the way some pet medicines are absorbed.